Download eWeather HD Free – weather, alerts, radar v7.6.4 [Unlocked] – Android Applications

Free Download eWeather HD Free – weather, alerts, radar v7.6.4 [Unlocked] – Android Applications

Free eWeather HD – weather, signal, radar v7.6.4 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 5.0+
Description: High accuracy of weather forecasts is achieved through the use of data from two free weather agencies.

Ia IChD5kVknmKOD6hzeoXXgBfFPqEbyEVj6OJbGeho4Ox7Ls2jMXUHi6n9fEcR4o8 - Download eWeather HD Free - weather, alerts, radar v7.6.4 [Unlocked] - Android Applications [19659005] eWeather HD is the most informative Android App about your weather and environment. It includes weather forecasts and weather forecasts from different weather providers, NOAA radar, weather notes, recent earthquakes, geomagnetic storm forecasts, change of pressure, wind and moon and sun calendar, road vision and METAR and others.

The annual air and sea temperature archive for any city in the world lets you choose the best time and place for your trip. You can compare the weather so far this year with the weather last year.

eWeather HD has a barometer. The diagram shows the change in atmospheric pressure for the past and the next 24 hours. A warning will be displayed when the barometer detects pressure changes causing a headache.

Unique feature in this application is the Dial of Weather Clock. It is very interactive.

This app helps to predict diseases caused by pressure changes, geomagnetic storms, air pollution and weather slump.
[1965906] Features:
• Two world-famous weather providers
• Future weather radar based on NOAA radar (Only US and Japan) with an hourly radar forecast
pollution information including PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, NO2, NO, CO concentration
• Twenty original widget weather, radar, barometer, geomagnetic storm, signal and so forth
• Earthquake
• Hurricane tracking
• Tornado and purple probability
• Tides forecast
• 365 day weather archive
• Weather buoy: wave height, direction and duration, wind and ambient, pressure, water and air temperature, etc.
Geomagnetic storm forecast
• Eclipse, eclipse, polar night, polar day, solar eclipse and lunar
• Temperature of sea surface on weather map, widget, notification area
• Barometer with ill pointer head and graph pressure change
• Maps with radar, clouds of ellite layers, sea and air, wind, signal, typhoon, humidity, earthquake, etc.
• Ten notification directions in the status bar, including temperature, moon phases, earthquakes, warnings, barometers etc.
watch or warn) from NOAA (State Ocean and Atmospheric Administration), including black warnings and frozen warnings
• Phase of the moon, month and month set
• Sunrise and sunset, sunrise or sunset
• Period of day and day change
• Speed ​​indicator and direction of wind
] • 20 KB internet traffic per city per weather update only
• World clock
• METAR from weather station
• UV Index
• Visibility on the streets
• Time graph graph by hour
• Possible amount of rain and rain: new rain and snow
• Follow by location r Location of network location r)
• Forecasts, warnings, earthquakes via e-me l and SMS
• Alarm clock time on clock dial and graph

If you have any questions, there is a FAQ section that takes you directly to the website. If your inquiry is specific to your custom setup, customer service is polite, knowledgeable, ready and able to help with a quick turnaround time.


This is the free version of the first eWeather HD.

This app has no ads

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Free eWeather HD Free – weather, alerts, radar v7.6.4 [Unlocked] – Android Applications Latest Update
eWeather HD Free – weather, alerts, radar v7.6.4 [Unlocked] – Android Applications Mod 2018

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