Download Spotify Music v8.4.61.683 Final [Mod] – Android Applications

Free Download Spotify Music v8.4.61.683 Final [Mod] – Android Applications

VoiceOver – Record and Perform More Premium v6.13
Requirements: 4.3 and up
Overview: Does your recorded clip appear clear and boring?
Do you want to add a new dimension to your recording?
Do you want to sound like chipmunk or robot or Batman?
Want to make your audio messages more effective by adding background music?
Do you want to cut some of your unwanted audio clips?
Do you want to create a secret audio message?
Or adjust the pitch, add echo, reverb, adjust the profits?

We have a great solution: "VoiceOver- Record and Do More"

VoiceOver is a rich, powerful, easy-to-use, intuitive and user-friendly audio processing application. You can record new audio or load previously recorded audio and use various filters and effects.
Audio enhancement tools include equalization, echoes, reverbs, managing profits, shift fields, Time Stretch.
You can add fun backgrounds to your footage to make it more colorful and interesting.
For example, add the background music "Ocean Wave" to have a feeling close to nature. and many more such effects.
"VoiceOver – Record and Do More": is more than just a Spy Voice app, it allows to create great sound effects like chipmunk, Robot, Ghost, Martian, Radio, Batman

Use VoiceOver and your beloved friend.

Basic Features: Easy Audio Recorder

1. Record the sound and store it with good compression.
2. Pause / Play while recording.
3. Support background recording, so you can use other apps while recording.
4 Keep your recordings with excellent compression in WAV, AAC or MP3 format.

Audio Extension Tool: Audio Editor and Professional Processor

1. Cut Audio / Cut:
– Cut audio with perfect precision.
2. Equation:
– 5 Equalizer Bands, Give different dimensions to your voice with each band
– Six presets.
3. Echo:
– Manage the length of containment and Delay when making echo.
4. Advantages:
– Increase or decrease profits according to your needs.
4. Pitch Shift:
– Fast and low CPU overhead operations.
– Increase or Reduce your recording pitch
– Make it very slow or fast. Reverb:
– Create a professional reverb effect.
– 9 presets
– Exposure to many factors to produce the most appropriate reverb effects.

7. Flanger:
– Add a great flanger effect.

8. TimeStretch:
– The timeframe of your recording time domain.
– Make it short and fast or long and lazy.

9. Music Background
– Add a nice backdrop to you to record clearly.
– Various musical scores to choose from.
– Reduce the number of background scores.
10. Edit Media information.
– Edit the title, Album, Artist Name

Social Features: Sharing with the World

1. Sharing
– Show your great work to the world.
– Share with your friends via Facebook, Social Messenger, Mail.

2. VoiceOver event:
– VoiceOver Event Warning to remind about special events.
– Event-specific notifications to make your event more special by your VoiceOver.

Fun Features: Free Audio Effects

1. Super VoiceOver Fun:
– Adding your friends with cool effects
– Changing your sound to be more like
– Chipmunk
– Robot
– Radio
– Chorus
] – Ghost
– Martian
– Batman

Please install, use the "VoiceOver – Record and Do More" app. Make the most of it.
It's totally free.

*** Record: Use Echo, Reverb, Equalizer, change Pitch, long-stretch audio length and more. Apply interesting background music and share with your friends ***

What's Hot
We're very excited to introduce Power features for VoiceOver – Sing Along

Just pick your karaoke songs and start singing along with them.
We add a lot of filters for the SingAlong feature. You can add effects just to speak.
VoiceOver automatically syncs vocal music and backgrounds.
You can customize it using Sync Button.

Managing microphone profits. (Useful for phones where lower microphone profits)

Music Background Sync with main recording (up to 2 seconds back and forth)

Premium features are locked

This app has no ads

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Free Spotify Music v8.4.61.683 Final [Mod] – Android Applications Latest Update
Spotify Music v8.4.61.683 Final [Mod] – Android Applications Mod 2018

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